Commercial Space Furnishing requires a great attention for details , starting with your business space need and understanding. It is important to build up the design based on your commercial space and function.

  • Office Furniture : Office working spaces / Banking / Corporate / Law firms : All need a concept design, taking into consideration the future growth of the business, along with the circulation and space planning. It has been proved that employees perform in a much better way when working into an ergonomic healthy environment. That is what would describe our creation of office working spaces. Private managerial offices, open space concepts/cubical style / conference areas, reception and lounges etc..

  • Educational Furniture : Schools / Universities : Both teachers and student require a healthy ergonomic environment, therefore designing and furnishing and educational institution is a necessity. we have furnished schools with more than 3000 students per school, digging into the smallest detail into classrooms , hallways, libraries, labs, administration and more. It is a first priority to create the healthy convenient studying environment, in order to positively reflect and help teachers and students to reach the optimum performance and results.

  • Healthcare Furniture : Hospitals / clinics / home care : This is where the human factor gets the closest with the surrounding interior and furnishing concept. patients and healthcare crew are mostly under pressure. with our design and furnishing solutions, we work to eliminate any unpleasant space and interior looks. it is extreme important to look for natural lighting and bring a more friendly home feeling to the Healthcare facility.

  • Hospitality : When we think hospitality, we think luxury . The good thing is that luxury can be done without breaking the set budget for any project. Hotels should always be entertaining , relaxing and fun to stay at. Selection and providing all furnishing interior items is a key success for your hotel facility. Flooring, wall covering, loose and fixed furniture should all come together in a artistic well build concept, in order to complete and outcome of Luxury and Hospitality.